Shampoo and conditioner play a big role in our hair care routine. Yet, regular liquid shampoo in plastic bottles harms the environment. Now, there are plastic-free alternatives like shampoo soap bars. They’re here to reduce waste and encourage -friendly hair care practices. 

Discover how plastic-free alternatives, such as shampoo soap bars, can make your hair care routine more sustainable and eco-friendly. Read on to find the perfect choice for healthier hair and a happier planet. 

What are the Benefits of Using Plastic-Free Shampoo and Conditioner?

Plastic plays a crucial role in the thriving global personal care industry, valued at an impressive $500 billion annually. The containers for everyday items like shampoo are typically made of plastic, and unfortunately, many of these bottles are either fully or partially unrecyclable.

This reliance on plastic packaging poses environmental challenges, contributing to the growing issue of plastic waste. The significant impact emphasizes the need for more sustainable alternatives in the personal care sector.

Here are the benefits of switching from alternative shampoo to zero-waste hair care products. 

1. Reduced Plastic Waste: Plastic-free shampoo and conditioners eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles, significantly reducing plastic waste. 

2. Environmentally Friendly Ingredients: These products often feature natural and eco-friendly ingredients, promoting healthier hair without harmful chemicals and benefiting the environment.

3. Support for Sustainable Practices: Choosing plastic-free options actively supports sustainable practices in the hair care industry, fostering a more environmentally conscious approach to personal grooming.

4. Minimized Environmental Impact: With eco-friendly packaging and ingredients, plastic-free hair care products work towards minimizing the overall environmental impact, promoting a greener lifestyle.

5. Alignment with Eco-Conscious Values: Opting for plastic-free shampoo and conditioner aligns with eco-conscious values, allowing consumers to make choices that positively impact the planet and promote sustainability.

Choosing plastic-free shampoo with a purpose has lots of perks for the planet. First, it’s a great way to reduce plastic waste. You don’t need those single-use plastic bottles with regular liquid shampoos.

These products are all-natural and eco-friendly, which is good for your hair and the environment. People who choose plastic-free options are saying yes to sustainable hair care products. It’s a cool way to be more eco-friendly while caring for ourselves.  

How do you choose the Right Plastic-free Shampoo and Conditioner?

Picking plastic-free shampoo and conditioner? Here are some things to think about to make sure they’re just right for you:

1. Check your hair type and see if the product is made for things like oily, dry, or sensitive scalp.

2. Look closely at the ingredient labels to spot any allergens and ensure there aren’t any nasty chemicals.

3. Think about scents! Many plastic-free products use natural essential oils to make your hair care routine more enjoyable.

Top Plastic-Free Shampoo Brands

Several reputable brands are offering top-quality plastic-free shampoo products. Here are some of the lists: 

1. Ethique

Image Credit: Ethique

Ethique stands out for its exceptional plastic-free shampoo bars and conditioners. Loved for their convenience, these bars are securely wrapped in recyclable paper or unwrapped. Ideal for travelers, they eliminate liquid restrictions. Ethique’s sustainable shampoo bars are certified palm oil-free, vegan, natural, and cruelty-free, catering to various hair needs.

Highly concentrated, the Wonderbar conditioner equals five regular bottles. Ethique’s plastic-free range, including face moisturizers and deodorants, originates from New Zealand. It is globally accessible. Ethique is committed to sustainability. It is certified cruelty-free and vegan, and a Certified B Corp. Ethique donates 2% of revenue or 20% of profit to charity. 

2. Andreas Organic Market

Andreas Organic Market shampoo

Image Credit: Andreas Organic Market

Andreas Organic Market offers enchanting shampoo bars. They are fragrance-free and waste-free. They provide a magical hair experience. Compostable and recycled paper wraps these bars. They are crafted using the cold-press method. They blend extra virgin plant oils, herbal tea, and rosemary-infused raw apple cider vinegar. They also mix in aloe, along with various herbs and essential oils.

 These shampoo bars are ideal for zero-waste dandruff shampoo and pair perfectly with hair masks for added nourishment. Vegan options like Autumn Breeze and Coconut Milk cater to diverse preferences. Non-vegan choices like egg yogurt and banana (with honey) cater to various preferences.

Founder Andrea is committed to natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and fair-trade ingredients. This commitment is reflected in the extensive product range—a small, talented team in Muldrow, Oklahoma, crafts all the products. 

They offer refill options and compostable pouches, emphasizing zero waste.  Also, they contribute to their on-site composting efforts and donations to local charities. 

3. Everist

Everist shampoo

Everist revolutionizes hair care with waterless formulas. They challenge the 70% water norm in most shampoos. Their sustainable conditioner or shampoo is three times more concentrated. It fits into a small, recyclable aluminum tube. Soon, it will transition to 100% recycled aluminum. Caps are the only plastic part that is returnable via their CapBack program.

Plant-based ingredients like aloe vera, alma extract, and essential oils nurture hair. They contain phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Everist products are color-safe, cruelty-free, and palm oil-free. The female-founded brand champions eco-optimism. It offers award-winning vegan zero-waste shampoo, body wash, and konjac plant sponges.

Committed to transparency, their ingredient glossary clarifies each component’s purpose. Everist uses 100% recyclable shipping materials. They are a proud member of 1% for the Planet. They are Climate Neutral certified, support biodiversity projects, and endorse Plastic Bank.

4. Battle Green

Battle Green shampoo

Image Credit: Battle Green

Battle Green, the UK-based zero-waste shampoo expert, caters to travel enthusiasts. Their shampoo bars are compact and biodegradable. Lasting up to 80 washes, these bars replace 2-3 traditional shampoo bottles.

Available in citrus, mint, and lavender tea tree scents, they boast a base of coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and olive oil for oil-based cleansing. Battle Green is PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free. They are also SLS/SLES-free, palm oil-free, and paraben-free. The company prioritizes transparency by listing all ingredients and sub-ingredients on its product pages.

Battle Green products are cruelty-free and vegan. They are handmade in small batches and use biodegradable, plastic-free packaging. Beyond their zero-waste shampoo range, they also offer a variety of eco-friendly products. They include bamboo cotton ear swabs and reusable menstrual pads.

As active Surfers Against Sewage 250 club members, they contribute to beach clean-ups. This embodies their commitment to environmental responsibility. 

5. By Humankind

By Humankind shampoo

Image Credit: by Humankind

Humankind introduces sustainable hair care options with their plastic-free shampoo and conditioner. Their solid shampoo bars, wrapped in recycled paper, aim to preserve natural hair oils. Enriched with vitamins and amino acids, they suit all hair types. The liquid shampoo and conditioner are in recyclable aluminum bottles. They use sulfate-free, silicone-free, and vegan ingredients. This hydrates and reduces breakage.

Fragrant essential oils like grapefruit and peppermint linger in your hair. By Humankind isn’t palm oil-free. However, they offset 100% of their carbon footprint through reforestation projects. They also allow customers to offset their plastic consumption through Plastic Bank. 

6. KatieMae Naturals

KatieMae Naturals shampoo

Image Credit: KatieMae Naturals

KatieMae Naturals offers eco-friendly options for hair care. If you prefer washing less frequently to save water or preserve natural oils, try their zero-waste dry shampoo in a reusable glass container. It provides a convenient alternative, made with arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, organic cocoa powder, non-GMO corn starch, and essential oils. 

For regular hair washing, choose from their zero-waste shampoo bars in rosemary mint or citrus sage. Both options are free from harmful chemicals, promoting a sustainable and cruelty-free approach. 

7. Plaine Products

Plaine Products brand shampoo

Image Credit: Plaine Product

Plaine Products‘ refillable shampoo and conditioner are an eco-friendly twist on traditional liquid hair care. Your first order comes in a recycled box without wasteful packaging. It is delivered in 100% recyclable aluminum bottles, including travel sizes.

After use, order a pump-free refill, switch the pump, and return the empty bottles in the same box. Recycling the aluminum bottles is energy-efficient. Plaine Products was founded by sisters Lindsey and Alison Delaplaine.

The company focuses on vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, and eco-friendly bathroom essentials. They are proudly made in the USA. Certified B Corp, carbon-neutral, and dedicated to environmental causes.

8. B.O.B

 B.O.B brand shampoo

Image Credit: B.O.B

They are introducing B.O.B, the ultimate destination for eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars. They don’t use plastic packaging, so there’s no waste. Their products are straightforward, showcasing hair-loving ingredients like shea butter, pracaxi oil, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium oils.

B.O.B takes pride in being women and LGBTQ+ owned, vegan, and soap-free. Ready to make the eco-conscious switch? Explore B.O.B’s range for a waste-free and delightful hair care experience.

9. etee

etee brand shampoo

Discover simplicity with etee’s plant-based, color-safe zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars. These bars are infused with various essential oils. They offer a foamy cleanse without animal testing or byproducts. The conditioner bars are SLS-free, but they contain sulfates.

The Nudiepants Bar is free of everything, including fragrance and parabens. They are not palm oil-free because they contain palm-derived ingredients. They also contain mica, iron oxide, and titanium dioxide. Etee sells mainly duo packs. They are 100% plastic-free and donate to charities like Hue Man Race. 

10. NaturisticBath

NaturisticBath shampoo

Image Credit: NaturisticBath

Experience simplicity with NaturisticBath‘s Sustainable Shampoo Bars. They’re packaging-free and last as long as 2-3 traditional bottles. Skip sulfates, phthalates, and parabens. Embrace plant oils, pro-vitamin B5, quinoa protein, and herbal extracts. It is balanced at pH 5-6. It is suitable for various skin and hair types. It features delightful scents like Fresh Pear & Cashmere and Australian Sandalwood & Rose.

Packaged in paper bags, you can add an aluminum travel tin for convenient storage. Sandra, the creator, began crafting these vegan, cruelty-free products. She has sensitivities to traditional items. This makes NaturisticBath a must-try. 

Are Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Effective for Different Hair Types?

Effectiveness for Oily Hair:
  – Shampoo and conditioner bars are trending for their effectiveness in managing oily hair.
  – Packed with natural ingredients, they clean and balance the scalp, providing a solution for those with excess oil production.

Moisturization and Nourishment:
  – These bars offer deep moisturization and nourishment, making them suitable for individuals with dry or damaged hair.
  – The natural ingredients contribute to healthier and more vibrant hair.

Reduction of Plastic Waste:
  – Using shampoo and conditioner bars contributes to cutting down on plastic waste.
  – Their solid form eliminates the need for plastic packaging, aligning with zero-waste principles.

Gentle Formula:
  – The gentle formula of these bars is ideal for individuals with a sensitive scalp.
  – They cater to specific hair care needs without irritating.

Criteria for Zero Waste Hair Care:

Eco-Friendly Packaging:
    – Look for products with eco-friendly packaging to reduce the overall environmental impact.
    – Zero-waste bars should not include plastic in their packaging.
 Absence of Harmful Chemicals:
  – Ensure the bars are free from harmful chemicals, promoting environmental and personal health. Zero-waste bars should be versatile, catering to various hair types and concerns. They should provide effective performance across a range of hair care needs.


In conclusion, exploring the Top 10 Plastic-Free Shampoo Brands unveils a world of eco-friendly and sustainable choices for hair care enthusiasts. From Ethique’s innovative shampoo bars to Katie Mae Naturals’ commitment to a chemical-free approach, these brands redefine beauty routines with a planet-conscious mindset.

As consumers increasingly prioritize environmental well-being, these plastic-free options promote healthier hair and contribute significantly to reducing plastic waste. Embrace these brands to elevate your hair care experience while championing a greener, more sustainable future. 

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