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The boom in the cannabis industry comes with an environmental impact. Cultivating cannabis uses up massive energy, water, and produces waste and strong odors. Some of the big challenges in making this industry sustainable include rules and restrictions that limit our ability to research and learn more about these effects. However, there’s some hope. The […]
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Explore the top 10 sustainable startups of 2023, driving innovation at the intersection of technology and environmental responsibility. From Amp Robotics' AI-driven waste management to Aurora Solar's transformative energy solutions, these trailblazing companies are reshaping industries.

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The rapid proliferation of photovoltaics (commonly solar cells) and electric vehicles is occurring at an extraordinary pace. The primary goal for climate protection remains achievable, as indicated by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The effects of climate change are increasingly palpable. This is evident from the hottest summer period in the history of global measurements, […]
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There’s a Way to Better Batteries. Produced Without Human Suffering and Environmental Destruction Lithium-sulfur cells can deliver several times more energy in the same volume as lithium-ion ones. However, they had one fundamental problem – their short lifespan. It seems that this issue has been resolved. This could bring relief to millions of people and […]

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