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Ecoology’s Sustainable Initiatives and Commitment to a Better World

Ecoology is a brand that’s really into being eco-friendly. People who want to shop with care for the planet and everything living on it should check them out. They’ve been rated “Great” for being good to the environment. They use stuff that doesn’t harm the planet, cut down on waste, and make their things nearby to reduce pollution.

Ecoology also cares about its workers. They want to ensure everyone is treated fairly, although they’re still working on getting everyone paid well. They’re also good to animals, so they got a “Good” rating. 

About Ecoology

Ecoology, founded by Eva Garcia, is the result of a dream to blend fashion and ecology into one. With a background in the fashion industry, Eva realized her values and passions. Thus, Ecoology was born, offering stylish yet eco-friendly clothing.

The company uses natural, eco-friendly, and recycled materials in its creations. They prioritize quality, emphasizing unique designs and patterns. Their collections are produced in limited series, ensuring each piece is a lasting addition to your wardrobe.

By employing eco-conscious fabrics, Ecoology plays its part in preserving our planet. Their garments are environmentally responsible, feminine, sexy, and trendy. Ecoology caters to eco-sensitive individuals who appreciate distinctive fashion. Their small production runs ensure the exclusivity and unique feel of each garment.

It embodies the perfect blend of design, sustainability, and digital presence. They distribute their collections selectively at special points of sale and operate an online store to reach a broader audience.

Most of their garments are crafted in Formentera, where the Ecoology workshop is based. This ensures a handmade and attentive process, creating unique and carefully crafted pieces. Ecoology supports local textile work and believes in providing organic fabrics without overcharging customers so that you can enjoy premium quality at the best price. 

Environmental Policies

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  • Ecoology prioritizes lower-impact materials, mainly organic cotton materials, to minimize chemical use and resource consumption in their supply chain.
  • Their commitment to minimizing waste is evident through reusing textile offcuts, aligning with a circular production approach.
  • Ecoology manufactures products closer to home to reduce the carbon footprint of long-distance shipping, demonstrating their dedication to lowering carbon emissions.

Workers’ Rights

  • Although the final production stage is in Spain, a medium-risk country for labor abuse, Ecoology ensures that all workers receive fair and ethical treatment.
  • While a specific Code of Conduct isn’t presented, a formal statement underscores the importance of workers’ rights and their commitment to such principles.
  • Transparency and accountability are maintained by tracing most of their supply chain.
  • Work is ongoing to ensure that all workers within the supply chain receive living wages.

Animal Welfare

  • Ecoology has minimal reliance on animal-derived materials, even though they do not exclusively market themselves as a vegan brand.
  • Their commitment to animal welfare, as reflected in their policies and product traceability, earns them a “Good” rating in the “Animals” category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ecoology sustainable?

Absolutely, Ecoology is deeply committed to sustainability, prioritizing eco-friendly materials, ethical practices, and environmentally conscious approaches.

What sets Ecoology apart from other fashion brands? 

Ecoology stands out due to its deep commitment to sustainability, emphasizing eco-friendly materials and ethical practices, making it a conscious choice for eco-sensitive consumers.

Does Ecoology use organic materials in its fashion collections? 

Yes, Ecoology primarily utilizes organic cotton and other natural, eco-friendly, or recycled fabrics to ensure environmental and ethical considerations in its designs.

How does Ecoology minimize its environmental impact?

Ecoology reduces waste by repurposing textile offcuts, limits carbon emissions through local manufacturing, and sources sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

What does Ecoology do to ensure workers’ rights are respected? 

Ecoology is dedicated to fair and ethical treatment of workers in its supply chain, even though the final production stage occurs in a medium-risk country for labor abuse.

Is Ecoology a vegan brand? 

While Ecoology does not exclusively market itself as a vegan brand, it minimizes the use of animal-derived materials and adheres to responsible animal welfare practices.


Ecoology’s “Good” overall rating signifies its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. While they already take substantial steps in protecting the environment, workers’ rights, and animal welfare, they acknowledge the scope for further improvement. 

Ecoology’s core belief is that sustainability isn’t just a trendy concept but an essential part of shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for the planet, its people, and its animals.

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