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The Nomadic State of Mind is a brand that is dedicated to sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment. In our “Planet” rating, we have evaluated the brand based on its environmental policies in its supply chains. We have found that Nomadic State of Mind has made some efforts to reduce its environmental impact, earning the rating of “It’s a Start.”

One of the factors that influenced our rating is the brand’s use of lower-impact materials, including organic cotton. By using these materials, Nomadic State of Mind is reducing the carbon emissions and other environmental impacts associated with traditional cotton production. This is a positive step towards sustainability.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials, Nomadic State of Mind also manufactures its products by hand. By doing so, the brand is reducing its climate impact, as handmade production processes generally require less energy and produce less carbon emissions compared to mass production methods. This commitment to handmade production is commendable and contributes to the brand’s positive environmental rating.

However, there is room for improvement in certain areas. We found no evidence that Nomadic State of Mind is taking meaningful action to reduce water use. Water is a precious resource, and the fashion industry is known for its high water consumption. It would be beneficial for the brand to implement practices and technologies that minimize water usage in its production processes.

On the waste management front, Nomadic State of Mind is taking steps to minimize waste. The brand recycles all of its textile offcuts, which helps divert waste from landfills and reduce its overall environmental impact. This commitment to waste reduction is a positive aspect of the brand’s sustainability efforts.

Turning our attention to workers’ rights, we have assessed Nomadic State of Mind in our “People” rating. We found that the brand has some policies and practices in place to protect workers’ rights, leading to a rating of “It’s a Start.”

One factor that influenced this rating is the brand’s sourcing of its Final Stage of Production. Nomadic State of Mind sources from countries with extreme risk of labor abuse. While the brand partly traces its supply chain, including the final production stage, it is not clear if it ensures workers are paid living wages. Ensuring fair wages for workers is crucial in promoting ethical and sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

However, Nomadic State of Mind does visit its suppliers regularly, which indicates a commitment to maintaining a close working relationship with the factories and ensuring that their workers’ rights are respected. This ongoing monitoring is an important step towards improving labor conditions within the brand’s supply chain.

When it comes to animal welfare, Nomadic State of Mind receives a rating of “Good.” The brand does not appear to use animal-derived materials in its products, but it does not claim to be a vegan brand either. Although the brand could provide more transparency on its animal welfare policies, the fact that it does not use any animal-derived materials is a positive aspect of its sustainability practices.

In conclusion, based on our evaluation of Nomadic State of Mind’s environmental policies, workers’ rights, and animal welfare practices, we rate the brand as “Good” overall. While there is room for improvement in certain areas, the brand is taking steps towards sustainability and making a positive impact. With continued commitment and improvement, Nomadic State of Mind has the potential to become a leader in sustainable fashion.

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