A notable shift towards sustainability has emerged in the ever-evolving landscape of startups. This article delves into sustainable startups, spotlighting the top 33 for 2024. We explore their profound impact, innovative solutions, and the hurdles they navigate. 

Additionally, we scrutinize the role of environmental startups in bolstering sustainability, dissecting the pivotal innovations and technologies shaping this sector. Join us in unraveling the challenges these startups confront as they endeavor to carve a greener and more sustainable path for the future.

What Defines a Sustainability Startup?

A sustainable startup is a business venture that aims to address environmental, social, and economic challenges through its operations and products. These startups epitomize the essence of sustainability by integrating sustainable practices, technologies, and products into their business models to impact the world positively.

Sustainable startups often prioritize eco-friendly practices, such as reducing carbon emissions, optimizing supply chains, and promoting renewable energy solutions. Additionally, they focus on the social impact of their operations, aiming to make the world a better place while fostering sustainable development.

Top Sustainable Start-Ups

1. Biome Makers

Location: 202, Cousteau Davis, California

Industry: Agtech, Biotech

Embark on a journey toward a sustainable future with Biome Makers. Founded in 2015 by Alberto Acedo and Adrián Ferrero, this Agtech and Biotech startup is dedicated to revolutionizing soil health globally. By providing detailed analytics, Biome Makers seamlessly incorporates soil microbiology into agricultural decision-making, aiming to optimize farming practices and counteract the deterioration of arable soils.

Located worldwide, the company has garnered a diverse clientele spanning four continents. Biome Makers’ impactful initiatives have revitalized the functionality of over 1 million acres of land, contributing significantly to global agricultural sustainability.

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2. Treeapp

Location: Waterhouse Square, Wework, 3, London
Industry: App

Imagine planting a tree worldwide in just one minute from your phone. Enter Treeapp, the London-based startup that achieved precisely that, planting 230,000 trees in its first year. 

Treeapp’s mission revolves around enhancing the world we inhabit. The organization endeavours to achieve this by helping individuals plant trees, offsetting their carbon footprint, and fostering sustainable lifestyles effortlessly. Additionally, Treeapp supports organizations in promoting their sustainable products and services to amplify the impact of environmentally conscious practices.

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3. Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS)

Location: 117 Hospital Road, Davens, MA 01434
Industry:  Energy

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) leads the way in achieving commercial fusion energy with unprecedented speed and cost efficiency. In collaboration with MIT, CFS combines decades of research with cutting-edge high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet technology.

The construction of SPARC, the world’s first commercially relevant net energy fusion demonstration device, is underway — a vital milestone on the path to ARC. This inaugural fusion power plant will integrate with the grid. CFS is steadfast in its mission to deploy fusion power plants expeditiously, contributing to global decarbonization objectives. 

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4. EcoCart

Location: San Francisco, California
Industry: eCommerce

Offset carbon emissions effortlessly with EcoCart, a San Francisco startup founded in 2019 by Peter Twomey and Dane Baker. Through a browser extension, users offset emissions for free from select businesses. Boasting 4 million pounds of CO2 offset, EcoCart’s eco-friendly mission saves trees, powers homes, and champions sustainability. Join the movement towards a greener, more carbon-neutral future.

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5. Bluebird Climate

Location: New York, USA
Industry: SaaS

Bluebird Climate takes center stage in SaaS, aiming to revolutionize sustainability practices for global brands. Focused on the consumer products industry, a significant carbon emitter, Bluebird is dedicated to decarbonizing the consumer products industry. Leveraging AI-powered component detection, our system rapidly analyzes recyclability and produces interactive recycling instructions in alignment with retailer standards and California SB 343 (“Truth in Recyclability”).

Employ their user-friendly widgets for seamless deployment, engaging customers and highlighting your commitment to measuring and mitigating climate impact.

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6. Algenesis

Location: 1238 Sea Village, California, USA
Industry: Material Science

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Stephen Mayfield, Algenesis is at the forefront of eco-friendly innovation. Their patented Soleic™ technology revolutionizes plastic materials by creating the world’s first high-performance, renewable, and fully biodegradable plastic made from algae.

Dr. Mayfield, a distinguished professor at UC San Diego and a seasoned biotechnology entrepreneur, shifted focus to plastic sustainability after the biofuel market decline in 2014. Algenesis addresses the global plastic pollution crisis, offering initial products like soft foams for footwear and hard foams for surfboards. Ongoing research explores diverse applications for Soleic™ technology, showcasing a commitment to sustainability across industries.

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7. Viva Maris GmbH

Viva Maris GmbH products

Location: Schenefeld, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Industry: Food

Based in Schenefeld, Germany, Viva Maris GmbH emerges as a green startup committed to protecting the oceans. In their commitment to ensuring the broad popularity of seaweed, the company incorporates it into premium everyday foods suitable for various dishes.

Their seaweed products exclusively contain pure Nordic organic seaweed (macroalgae) and other natural ingredients. This strategic choice underscores the company’s dedication to sustainability, as they prioritize thoughtful resource usage and avoid depleting natural reserves for algae cultivation.

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8. Fuergy

Location: Slovakia
Industry: Renewable Energy

Fuergy takes on the challenge of providing a seamless transition to alternative energy sources. Founded in 2018 by Branislav Safarik, Radoslav Stompf, Rastislav Kuba, and Vladimir Miskovsky. 

With decades of expertise in energy sectors like optimization, hardware & software development, and project management, the specialists collaborate with technology enthusiasts and innovators. Their collective goal is to build a new energy ecosystem to revolutionize the outdated energy business. As they wrap up projects centered on energy, the team remains dedicated to crafting a vision for a better future.

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9. Bottle+

Location: Switzerland
Industry: Consumer Goods

Swiss startup Bottle+ pioneers sustainability in consumer goods with a groundbreaking reusable water bottle. In the beverage industry, PET bottles contribute to environmental pollution and require significant resources for production.

 With 2 kg of crude oil needed for every 1 kg of PET and 1.3 billion bottles sold daily worldwide, waste and energy consumption are substantial. By promoting a shift to sparkling water and prioritizing resource-efficient manufacturing, our products aim to facilitate more sustainable consumer behavior.

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10. Smart Microfarms

Location: Richmond, California
Industry: Algae

Smart Microfarms specializes in scalable microalgae systems for community, urban, and rooftop gardens, enabling entrepreneurs to grow profitable, sustainable algae products locally. The technology empowers global communities to produce high-value, healthy food using affordable, sustainable inputs. 

Automated systems and web-based monitoring reduce costs and eliminate the need for on-site experts. These adaptable platforms, combining nature mimicry and intelligent technology, transform solar energy, CO2, and nutrients into products supporting health, vitality, and climate-independent foods.

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11. Entomo Farms

Location: 31 Industrial Dr., Norwood, Canada
Industry: Food

In 2014, brothers Jarrod, Darren, and Ryan Goldin founded Entomo Farms, a revolutionary startup creating products from an unexpected source – crickets. Offering flour, snacks, and protein powders, Entomo Farms contributes to nutrition, fights food waste, and champions sustainability.

Inspired by their South African upbringing and parents, Alan and Loraine, the Goldin brothers founded Entomo Farms as a mission-based, family-run company. Rooted in gratitude for the Earth, their journey began with a shared commitment to sustainability and nutritious protein. With integrity and transparency at the forefront, they strive to improve products and impact global awareness. Explore a new frontier in food with this Canadian sustainable startup.

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12. Heliogen

Location: Pasadena, California
Industry: Sustainable Energy

In the face of climate challenges and fluctuating fuel costs, industries seek a cleaner future. Heliogen presents an AI-powered, modular, concentrated solar thermal solution to decarbonize industrial operations. Harnessing sunlight and thermal storage, our technology delivers affordable renewable energy through steam, power, or green hydrogen. Efficient and scalable, a Heliogen solar plant promises cost competitiveness, transforming acres of land into a sustainable energy source.

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13. FuelGems

Location:  301 Congress Ave #2200, Austin, Texas
Industry: Fuel

FuelGems reshapes traditional fuels for sustainability. Founded by Kirill Gichunts, this Texas-based nanotech startup introduces a fuel additive that reduces diesel, gasoline, and biofuel emissions.

FuelGems, a nanotechnology company, pioneers advancements in fuel transformation. The production facility, enabled by intricate electronic modules and cost-effective assembly, produces unique nanoparticles through plasma generation. Supported by custom-built software, our process ensures quality and precision. With patent-protected fuel additives tested over a million real-world driving miles, we deliver practical and tangible results.

The company envisions a future where existing fuels become more sustainable, contributing to a cleaner, eco-friendly planet.

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14. Handprint

Location: 160 Robinson Rd, #14-04 SBF Centre, Singapore
Industry: Greentech

Handprint connects companies with consumers’ sustainability demands. Founded by Sanchali Pal, this Singapore-based greentech startup offers an app that allows consumers to monitor daily purchases and explore sustainable alternatives.

Pioneering impact in the 21st century, their cutting-edge technology utilizes advanced verification and satellite imagery to lead in impact science and automation. Offering access to projects aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, they provide cost breakdowns, proof of fund delivery, and regular quantification of impact metrics. They engage clients, employees, and board members with impressive data and visuals.

Handprint empowers individuals and businesses to contribute to a greener, more sustainable world.

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15. Next Gen

Tindle advertising banner

Location: 6a Shenton Way, Singapore
Industry: Food

Singapore-based Next Gen revolutionizes the food industry with plant-based alternatives. Co-founded by Timo Recker and Andre Menezes in 2020, Next Gen’s chicken alternative, TiNDLE, boasts significant environmental benefits. Using 74% less land and 82% less water, TiNDLE contributes to a sustainable, cruelty-free future.

Dedicated to purpose-driven endeavors, this company specializes in crafting prominent global plant-based food brands beloved by consumers worldwide. Boasting a world-class R&D center with over 25 years of plant-based expertise, they integrate cutting-edge technology to create exceptional plant-based products that mimic animal meat’s look, taste, and cooking experience. 

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16. Bowery Farming

Location: New York
Industry: Agriculture, Vertical Farming

Bowery Farming pioneers automation technology in agriculture. Based in New York, this startup develops innovative solutions for growing and monitoring plants, ensuring optimal crop health from seed to harvest. By integrating vision systems and sensors, Bowery Farming transforms traditional farming, promoting sustainability in agriculture.

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17. Hempitecture

Location: Ketchum, Idaho
Industry: Sustainable Materials

Harnessing the versatility of hemp, Hempitecture offers sustainable insulation products. Founded by Matthew Mead, this Idaho-based startup introduces HempWool, a fiber batt insulation made of 92% hemp fiber. With a low carbon footprint, HempWool is an eco-friendly alternative to sustainable construction materials.

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18. Coral Vita

Location: The Bahamas
Industry: Marine Conservation

\Coral Vita pioneers land-based coral farming as an innovative solution for large-scale restoration projects. Unlike ocean-based nurseries, Coral Vita’s land-based farms utilize breakthrough techniques, like microfragmenting, to accelerate coral growth up to 50 times natural rates.

This approach enables the cultivation of slow-growing critical coral species, promoting reef health and resilience. Advisors, experts in coral resiliency, ensure Coral Vita leads efforts to safeguard reefs from environmental threats, offering a scalable and risk-mitigated alternative to ocean-based nurseries.

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19. Krill Design

Location: Via Marco D’ agrate Milano, Italy
Industry: Design

Krill Design, an Italy-based startup, transforms trash into treasure. Their Ohmie Orange Lamp, made from Sicilian orange peels, exemplifies circular design by being entirely compostable. By repurposing waste into functional products, Krill Design contributes to a circular economy, championing sustainability in design.

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20. AMP Robotics

Location: 1875 S Taylor Ave. Louisville, Colorado 
Industry: Recycling Solutions

AMP Robotics, a Colorado-based recycling robot company, pioneers AI technology to enhance global recycling infrastructure. With advanced AI, AMP Robotics accurately identifies and sorts recyclables, optimizing material utilization. This innovation reduces waste and streamlines recycling, creating a more sustainable future.

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21. NatureDots

Location: A-52, Second Floor Jitar Nagar, Delhi India
Industry: AI

NatureDots intersects nature-based systems with artificial intelligence. Founded in 2018 by Mohammad Aatish Khan and Snehal Verma, this India-based startup introduces AquaNurch. Using AI, AquaNurch creates sustainable fisheries, prioritizing farmers’ revenue. NatureDots strives to build an environmentally friendly economy through tech-driven, nature-based solutions.

NatureDots, through its AquaNurch® System, introduces an intelligent AI-driven approach to unravel the complexities of aquatic ecosystems. Going beyond conventional methods, the team employs IoT, geospatial analysis, and proprietary AI models for holistic data analytics. AquaNurch units capture real-time data as neural nodes, ensuring healthy fisheries and contributing to ecosystem restoration and protection.

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22. Grow a Wish

Grow a Wish logo

Location: Netherlands
Industry: Greeting Cards

Netherlands-based Grow a Wish extends the life cycle of greeting cards. Founded by Fabiënne Overbeek, this startup incorporates seeds into each card, allowing them to grow into flowers when planted. Beyond creativity, Grow a Wish allocates a portion of its profits to charitable causes, making each card a gift for the planet.

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23. AquiPor Technologies

Location: Spokane, Washington
Industry: Water

AquiPor Technologies takes actionable steps to combat water pollution globally. Based in Spokane, Washington, this startup employs innovative surface technology to filter water runoffs, reduce flooding, and promote thriving water ecosystems.

AquiPor’s permeable concrete, a sustainable alternative to traditional paving, manages stormwater, mitigates flooding, and recharges groundwater on-site. Utilizing a catalytic concrete technology with industrial byproducts, it boasts a low CO2 footprint. Unlike traditional cement, it doesn’t rely on energy-intensive cement plants, using upcycled materials directly sourced from mines for a more eco-friendly solution.

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24. Commons (Formerly Joro)

Location: Oakland, California
Industry: Software

In a world of climate change, Commons, a technology company in Oakland, California, offers an app to monitor daily purchases and explore sustainable alternatives. Founded by Sanchali Pal, Commons empowers consumers to align their choices with sustainability goals, fostering an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Sanchali initiated carbon footprint tracking a decade ago, motivated by firsthand experiences of the climate crisis’s impact during international development work. Realizing the lack of tools for alignment with a sustainable lifestyle, she reduced her emissions by 30%, leading to a richer, healthier life. Founding Commons, Sanchali aims to accelerate collective carbon influence for faster climate action.

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Location: Kent Ave. Suite B18A Brooklyn, New York, USA
Industry: Clean Energy Solutions

Situated in the vibrant city of New York, MPOWERD is a trailblazing force in Clean Energy Solutions. Established in 2012 by the visionary John Salzinger, MPOWERD operates as a B Corp with a profound commitment to shaping a more sustainable future. At the core of their impactful endeavors is illuminating those deprived of electricity. 

While offering a comprehensive suite of green products, MPOWERD takes pride in its flagship creation—the packable, solar-powered Luci Light. This innovative solution embodies MPOWERD’s dedication to harnessing the sun’s power for positive, far-reaching change. 

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26. Emitwise

Location: 20 St. Thomas St. London, UK
Industry: Carbon Accounting

Emitwise simplifies carbon accounting with a user-friendly platform that precisely measures, tracks, sets targets, and reduces emissions across the supply chain. While the journey to cut carbon emissions often starts within a company’s operations, Emitwise extends this effort throughout the entire supply chain. Clients benefit from detailed insights, accuracy, and consistency. Remarkably, one in four Emitwise customers has established a net-zero target, with 85% of tracked emissions falling under Scope 3.

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27. Agricool

Location: 139 Rue Rateau Paris, France
Industry: Urban Farming

Located in the heart of Paris, France, Agricool, under the leadership of CEO Guillaume Fourdinier, has garnered substantial support with a total funding of US$40.6 million. Within a compact 35 m2 space, Agricool revolutionizes food production, matching the output of 4,000 m2 while employing zero pesticides, transportation, and relying entirely on renewable energy.

The company’s visionary approach involves transforming recycled shipping containers into agricultural havens and meticulously optimizing lighting, temperature, irrigation, and air quality. This innovative method allows year-round cultivating typically seasonal fruits and vegetables, concurrently reducing water consumption and carbon emissions. Agricool stands at the forefront of sustainable and efficient urban farming practices.

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28. Loam Bio

Location: Bldg. 1120 346 Leeds, Orange, New South Wales, Australia
Industry: Agricultural Technology

Based in New South Wales, Australia, under the leadership of CEO Guy Hudson and backed by a total funding of US$105 million, Loam addresses the climate crisis by harnessing 4.5 billion years of microbial evolution. By studying how microbes historically shaped the Earth’s atmosphere, Loam aims to leverage their potential once again.

Focusing on understanding microbial influence on the carbon cycle, the company pioneers planetary-scale opportunities for carbon sequestration, enhancing agricultural productivity. Loam delivers effective CO2 removal, providing growers valuable tools and fostering connections with leaders dedicated to achieving global net-zero goals.

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29. Aurora Solar

Location: 434 Brannan St., San Francisco, California
Industry: Solar Innovation

Aurora Solar, headquartered in California, is at the forefront of solar innovation with its cloud-based software. The platform simplifies the solar journey by transforming the design, sales, and delivery processes. With just an address and an electric bill, Aurora empowers users to generate tailored, accurate solar structures swiftly, facilitating prompt agreements. 

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30. Encamp

Location: 6338 N College Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana
Industry: Software

Encamp revolutionizes environmental compliance through digital data and unified workflows. Based in Indianapolis, this software startup increases efficiency and reduces risk in organizations striving for sustainability goals. With a mission to transform compliance programs, Encamp pioneers technology to make environmental sustainability accessible and impactful.

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31. Grove Collaborative

Location: 1301 Sansome St., San Francisco, USA
Industry: Wellness

Grove Collaborative, a Certified B Corp, is an eco-conscious haven headquartered in San Francisco. Boasting a diverse array of over 200 planet-friendly brands, Grove offers everything from cleaning essentials to wellness products. Each item undergoes meticulous scrutiny to meet stringent sustainability criteria. Notably, Grove is the world’s pioneering plastic-neutral retailer, offsetting purchased plastic packaging by collecting an equivalent amount of nature-bound plastic pollution through a dedicated partnership with rePurpose Global. 

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32. Intelex

Location: 70 University Avenue, Suite 900, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Industry: Software Industry

Intelex’s mission revolves around empowering organizations to elevate their EHSQ performance seamlessly. The software solutions crafted by Intelex play a pivotal in helping businesses navigate complex regulatory landscapes, minimize risks, and enhance overall operational excellence.

With a robust suite of tools, Intelex facilitates comprehensive environmental impact management, occupational health, safety protocols, and overall product quality. Their software ensures regulatory compliance and propels businesses towards sustainable practices.

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33. Enfuce

Location: Snellmaninkatu 6, 00170 Helsinki, Finland
Industry:  Financial Technology

Enfuce, based in Finland, offers payment, open banking, and sustainability services for banks, fintechs, financial operators, and merchants. Founded in 2016 by Denise Johansson and Monika Liikamaa, the startup has 51-100 employees and has secured €17,000,000 in funding across three rounds from notable investors, including Tencent, Nordea, and Maki. Enfuce is actively engaged in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, exemplifying its commitment through various impactful projects and a new series called “Everyone Should Give a Damn.”

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How Do Environmental Startups Contribute to Sustainability?

Environmental startups are crucial in driving sustainability by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to address environmental challenges.

Role of Robotics in Environmental Startups

Incorporating robotics in environmental startups has revolutionized processes, allowing for efficient recycling practices, reduced waste, and streamlined operations. Robotics have significantly contributed to the sustainability efforts of these startups.

Supply Chain Optimization in Environmental Startups

1. Waste Reduction Strategies: Environmental startups employ innovative methods to minimize waste generation throughout the supply chain. This includes adopting circular economy principles, waste recycling programs, and using sustainable packaging materials to create a more eco-friendly process.

2. Emission Minimization Techniques: To address the environmental impact of transportation and logistics, startups are integrating emission reduction strategies. This involves optimizing transportation routes, utilizing electric or hybrid vehicles, and exploring alternative fuels to decrease the carbon footprint associated with the supply chain.

3. Sustainable Sourcing Practices: Environmental startups emphasize sustainable sourcing of raw materials. They establish partnerships with suppliers committed to eco-friendly practices, fair labor conditions, and responsible resource extraction. This focus ensures the supply chain adheres to ethical and environmentally conscious standards.

4. Transparent and Traceable Supply Chains: Enhancing transparency and traceability is a key aspect of optimizing supply chains. Startups leverage technology, such as blockchain, to create transparent supply chain networks. This builds consumer trust and allows for better monitoring and accountability for sustainable practices.

Renewable Energy Solutions Offered by Environmental Startups

1. Solar Energy Harnessing: Environmental startups are crucial in advancing clean energy initiatives by harnessing solar power. By developing solar panels, solar farms, and innovative solar technologies, these startups contribute to reducing reliance on traditional energy sources and mitigating the environmental impact of energy production.

2. Sustainable Energy Practices: Startups in the environmental sector actively promote and implement sustainable energy practices. This includes using energy-efficient technologies, innovative grid solutions, and integrating renewable energy sources into existing energy grids. These initiatives contribute to a more sustainable and resilient energy ecosystem.

3. Community-Based Renewable Projects: Some startups engage in community-focused renewable energy projects. By establishing local solar or wind energy initiatives, these startups empower communities to generate sustainable energy, fostering energy independence and reducing reliance on non-renewable sources.

4. Energy Storage Solutions: Environmental startups are at the forefront of developing energy storage solutions. Efficient energy storage systems, such as advanced batteries, enable the consistent and reliable utilization of renewable energy, addressing the intermittent nature of solar and wind power sources.

In summary, environmental startups are actively reshaping supply chains and revolutionizing the energy landscape by prioritizing sustainability in their operations and offering innovative solutions for a cleaner, greener future.

Challenges Faced by Sustainable Startups

Limited Funding: Sustainable startups often face financial constraints, as securing funding for environmentally friendly initiatives can be challenging. This limitation may hinder the development and implementation of sustainable practices.

Regulatory Complexities: Negotiating and adhering to complex environmental regulations poses a significant challenge for sustainable startups. Navigating regulatory frameworks requires a deep understanding and compliance strategy to ensure alignment with sustainability goals.

Market Acceptance: Convincing consumers and businesses to adopt sustainable products or services can be a hurdle. Overcoming skepticism and fostering a mindset shift toward sustainability is crucial for the success of these startups in the market.

Technology Integration: Incorporating innovative technologies for sustainability initiatives may present challenges, including high initial costs, technical complexities, and the need for specialized expertise. Overcoming these technological barriers is vital for the effectiveness of sustainable solutions.

Supply Chain Challenges: Building and maintaining a sustainable supply chain can be intricate. Ensuring every component aligns with eco-friendly standards requires diligence, collaboration, and often restructuring traditional supply chain practices.

Educational Efforts: Raising awareness and educating stakeholders about the importance of sustainability is an ongoing challenge. Sustainable startups must invest in effective communication strategies to convey the environmental benefits of their initiatives.

Competitive Landscape: Sustainable startups often operate in a competitive landscape where traditional, non-sustainable alternatives may have a stronghold. Breaking into markets dominated by conventional practices requires strategic positioning and differentiation.

Long-Term Commitment: Achieving sustainability goals necessitates a long-term commitment, and startups may face challenges maintaining momentum over an extended period. It is crucial to stay true to their mission amid changing market dynamics and economic pressures.


In conclusion, this list’s diverse range of innovative, sustainable startups exemplifies a collective commitment to addressing pressing global challenges. These startups are at the forefront of positive change, from tech and biotech ventures transforming agriculture to climate tech companies revolutionizing renewable energy solutions. 

As they continue to pioneer groundbreaking technologies, these 33 sustainable startups offer hope for a greener future and tangible solutions to make our world a better and more sustainable place. Keep an eye on these trailblazers as they lead toward a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible tomorrow.

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