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Emily Newton is a freelance writer with over six years of experience writing environmental articles. She’s also the Editor-In-Chief of Revolutionized, an online magazine that shares the latest innovations in science and technology. When she isn’t writing you can find her reading a new book or building a new Lego set.
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Necessary Features to Make a Container Home More Environmentally Friendly. 

Container homes are more sustainable alternatives to traditional homes. However, it’s necessary to add certain features that increase a container home’s efficiency and reduce the environmental impact.   

  1. Use a Secondhand Container
  2. Source Local Materials
  3. Install Sustainable Sourced Insulation
  4. Reduced AC and Heating to Suit Space
  5. Self Sufficiency with Solar Panels
  6. Use a Non-Toxic Sealing Primer
  7. Add a Rainwater Catchment System
  8. Energy Efficient LED Bulbs
  9. High-Performance Windows
  10. Space saving Appliances

Beyond green buildings, you also have to commit yourself to live in a greener way. Ultimately, housing itself isn’t what will save the planet — it’s how you act that makes or breaks a sustainable lifestyle.

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What to know E-commerce is booming, but many online stores are far from eco-friendly. However, sustainable e-commerce is possible, and embracing sustainability can help businesses outperform their competitors over the next few years.

Five key reasons

  • Consumers prefer to buy sustainable products if it means they are more consumer conscious
  • Buying sustainably can be more cost effective and save you money
  • Whilst Ecommerce is getting greener as consumers demand more sustainable methods there is still lots of room for improvement
  • Businesses can benefit from adopting more sustainable methods
  • Going green can equip your business for future green initiatives and regulations

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Sustainable furniture isn’t just about the materials — it’s about workers’ wages, material extraction, and much more. From material sourcing to a piece’s end-of-life cycle, what are humans doing to ensure a greener world in furniture? Understand the vast world of sustainability in the future and how it will change the industry forever. Dig deeper → 4 min

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